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The hardwood floor installation service in Kennesaw, GA and the neighborhood have years of flooring expertise. Our home renovation contractors’ first objective is to improve your home’s beauty and ambiance. Gutierrez Home Improvement also has the equipment and know-how required to rapidly and effectively fix any harm to a hardwood floor. Our technicians have kept your base solid and beautiful for many years. Our experts in hardwood floors are dedicated to providing excellent quality.

You Can Expect Quality

We pledge to offer our customers top-notch hardwood floor installation services at reasonable costs. We install several species and types of hardwood flooring and sand, stain, and refinish older flooring. Due to our home renovation contractors vast expertise and in-depth understanding of the hardwood flooring market, we can provide you with the best choice at a very affordable price. Also, every one of our flooring services comes with a guarantee. Three ideals form the basis of our organization: service, quality, and price.

Why We Are The Right Choice

Last but not least, we know how crucial it is for you and your family to select the most exquisite hardwood flooring for your home. Unfortunately, the variety of wood species, styles, and grades makes it challenging to shop for hardwood flooring. Despite this, we still wish to assist you with your flooring project. The passionate employees at Gutierrez Home Improvement are committed to helping you choose the best flooring for your home. Yet, we can do laminate floor repair in Kennesaw, GA and meet your flooring needs.

If you’re interested in using our flooring services, contact us immediately and call us at (770) 430-2812 to schedule a meeting.

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